Investors Are Buying Rentals – Grand Strand Properties – Myrtle Beach,SC



Cherry Grove, SC – There are places where investors can buy property and cash flow immediately.  The Grand Strand area on the Southern coasts of South Carolina is one of these places.  According to the National Association of Realtors, investors bought 20% of all homes sold in April.  Most of these purchases are cash.

Conventionally, investors would subsidize payments and wait for the big potential payoff through appreciation on a property.  These days, investors are throwing 25% to 30% down and financing the rest and cash flow pretty easily.  Investors look at rental properties on a monthly income generating basis.  They can see instant profit margins, even in today’s volatile housing market.

Investors buying rental properties are a general sign in the market place that a bottom is forming.  There’s a turning point where the cost of home ownership is cheaper than renting.  This environment creates a push from investors in turn, buying investment properties.

Are you Investor material?  Before investing be sure you have thought through some of the following:

  • Do you have what it takes to be a landlord?  Your responsible for upkeep,collecting rents and even evicting tenants if need be.
  • Get a sense of the market place.  Vacancy rates,Rental rates,financing costs including taxes and insurance to name a few.  Get help from a Real Estate Agent to help you analyze the market.
  • Best investments out there might not be what you would personally live in.  Foreclosed properties are an example of some bargained opportunities.  For a list of Foreclosed properties in the Grand Strand area Visit Here!
  • Think like a tenant
  • Have a five year plan

Most people invest close to home.  Do Not limit yourself.  With experts literally at your fingertips, seek opportunities where they present themselves.  Many baby-boomers are finding their ways to our coasts here on the Grand Strand.  From the Oceanfront Condos, Beach Cottages or even Channel Homes in Cherry Grove, opportunity is everywhere.  There are many types of properties out there to invest in, be sure to not to limit your opportunities because you might not understand certain aspects. Click HERE to get in touch with an investment specialist in Grand Strand Property today!