Grand Strand Sales Up From 2010

Grand Strand Properties Climb

Myrtle Beach, SC – April’s data from the Carolina Association of Realtors showed an increase in home sales along the Grand Strand.  Homes showed a 2.6% up-tick  from 2010. Condo sales improved as well showing a 3.1% up-tick from April 2010 and 2.6% overall, year to date.  Great news is that the market has been cleaned up pretty well.  17% of the market today contains distressed properties.  Also keep in mind, last year people were taking advatage of the tax credits so even though these numbers aren’t jumping off the screen per say, their not BAD numbers.

Of course  good news comes along with some bad news depending on what side of the numbers your on.   Median sales price for condos here on the Grand Strand are at $103,000.  The median price for Single Family Homes fell slightly to $165,000.  These declines have been the cause of distressed sales.  When looking at the market without those implications, homes have remained quite consistent around $189,000.

Given the sales facts, now is the time to buy Grand Strand Properties.  The beach lifestyle has never been so affordable especially if your looking for some Oceanfront condos here in the Myrtle Beach – Cherry Grove areas. Like I mentioned earlier, median sales for condos are at $103,000, an historic low.  Buyers need to take advatage of these conditions.  Its only a matter of time before these sales figures continue their up-ticks.  View some Oceanfront condos HERE and see whats right for the picking!


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