Allergies On The Grand Strand Myrtle Beach

What’s going around here at the beach? For quite some time now we’ve been hit with the case of allergies but something else is going around.   Well, first we’ll take a visit to the south end of the Grand Strand, Surfside Beach where Dr Karen Mahood of Family Medicine of Sayebrook is treating cases of upper respiratory infections.  These symptoms are very similar to allergies, fever,headaches,scratchy throat and even nasal drainage.  Recommendations for these types of symptoms can be found over the counter.  Tylenol,Motrin and other cold medications.

Down the road in Little River Dr. Ray Holt at Seacoast Primary Care is treating sore throats and coughs.  He said it’s a mild virus or symptoms from allergies.  The best way to treat it is to stop the post nasal drip with an antihistamine, like Claritin.

In the Pee Dee nurse practitioner Lorrie Peyton is still dealing with allergies at the doctors care in Florence.  She said to treat the itchy, watery eyes and nasal drainage with an allergy medicine like Claritin or Zyrtec.

With the kids out for spring break and the number of visitors coming to the Grand Strand, whats going around will definitely keep going around.  Be sure to keep these recommended meds handy.  Hopefully with spring in full swing soon we can kiss these allergies goodbye for this year!

What remedies have you found useful for allergies?  Share your ideas!

Courtesy of WMBF News


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