Myrtle Beach Re-Opens Market

The Myrtle Beach Market located off of Mr Joe White Ave in Myrtle Beach allows shoppers the option to pay with plastic.  Pretty nice option for those who prefer to use credit.  Customers are able to pre-determine who much they would like to spend, swipe their card and get “market credit” for their purchases.

Previously, the market was shut down due to a bad economy and the city of Myrtle Beach had to scale down its funding.  Now the market is under new management and currently has ten vendors.

At Myrtle’s Market it costs one fifty in contrast to one eighty-nine for a head of lettuce.  Oranges go two for a dollar at the market and 99 cents at the grocery store. Red potatoes are the same price.  In regards to cost, some people say it all goes back to taste and eating healthy.

A lot of folks prefer markets to purchase their goods based on the fact they know it’s locally grown and fresh.  Going to the supermarkets these days your really unsure as to where goods come from and how fresh they really are.

Other people like to buy at the market because of the community atmosphere. Those who buy from the market say you can taste the difference and that homegrown produce has more nutrients so you can stay healthy.  On top of that your supporting a local cause instead of big industry.

For many Myrtle Beach residents, this market is the most convenient to use. Otherwise, people would have to travel to North Myrtle Beach or as far as Pawleys Island or Georgetown to find homegrown crops. The market is open on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays all year round from 9:00 am until 6:00 pm.

Do you seek out locally grown produce?  Why or why not?


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