Going Green On The Grand Strand


Looking to go green or find other easy avenues to continue helping our planet? Here you will find just that. All of us doing a little changes a lot.  Please leave your great green ideas!



Public Transportation

These days its common practice to look at the gas prices everyday to see when we can fill up.  What happened to using forms of public transportation? Here’s a couple of stunning facts for you to ponder.  Did you know that by taking some forms of public transportation we help cut back the amount of gasoline significantly?  This form of transportation last year cut back over 1.4 billion gallons of gasoline!! That equates to 108 million tanks of gasoline!


Just screams hassle doesn’t it?  This going green form is the most commonly used one today.  Most people already do it and its a perfect way to help our environment.  Newspapers are another great thing consumers can take in for recycling.  There are ten million tons of newspapers put in landfills each year.  Therefore, if everyone pitched in with newspaper recycling the result would be millions of trees saved each year.  Its amazing what can happen doing very little by many.

Cold Wash

Washing our laundry in hot water adds to the amount of energy we use.  However, if we reduced the amount of laundry washed in hot water the savings would add up over time cutting back on carbon dioxide emissions.  Remember with the ever-changing technology there are now many laundry detergents that wash just as well in cold water as the older detergents did in hot water.  So make this easy change, save money,energy and our planet.

Energy Savers

By doing the following you as a homeowner can save as much as 25% on energy costs.

  • Insulating water pipes
  • Insulating the attic area
  • Duct work
  • Flooring
  • Water Heater

Let There Be Light

Believe it or not, this is a very cost-effective way to change.  In fact, many people love the simple changes that they can make such as changing the type of light bulbs that are used.  There are CFL bulbs that are considered to take up a lot less energy on a daily and yearly basis. The overall cost of these bulbs is going to be incredibly low and most homes across the country are using these right now.


These are just a few to save a lot.  Do more, save more!

Here are a few great links that will help your going green efforts









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