Three Need to Know Chemicals for that Perfect Lawn

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Want to be that lawn on your street everyone slows down to look at? Could be pretty tough ridding your lawn of unwanted weeds and insects.   Just go down to the local hardware store buy some chemicals and that’s it! Not so fast.  There’s a better way.  Before you go blowing money on some chemicals that might waste your progress, visit Here you will find your county’s extension office and a list of recommended chemicals for your area will be provided.  This is nice because it will know what certain insects are prone to your region, very helpful.

• Talstar. Available in both granule and concentrate, Talstar is relatively easy to apply and treats a wide variety of pests for about 2-3 months after application, lasting longer than competitive chemicals like Dursban and Diazinon, according to These pests include molecrickets, chinch bugs, and grubs which can invite problems like moles and mice. In granule form, Talstar is about as small as a grain of sand which allows the chemical to fall between blades of grass making it less likely to harm pets and children.

• Acephate 75. More for ant control, Acephate 75 works well on fire ants, harvester ants, and imported fire ants according to Application in granule form is direct; you can pour the pellets on up to 108 mounds and treatment usually lasts an entire season. Also when mixed with water, you can use one pound of Acephate to cover an entire acre, not bad for less than $30.

• Drive 75. A change from pesticide to herbicide- Drive 75 is perfect for weeds and aggressive grasses, according to This chemical takes care of a wide variety of problems including dandelion, crabgrass, and barnyardgrass while protecting highly favorable grasses like Bermuda. Though pricey, a pound can cost up to $160, this chemical will go a long way; 1.5 tablespoons will cover about 1000 feet.

With all chemicals be sure to protect yourself and keep out of reach of children and pets.  Keep containers leak free and store in appropriate conditions. For more info visit

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